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Workshop on Green Energy & Networks

The Workshop is the first milestone in a 3-years collaborative project between Electrical Power University in Hanoi and Laplace Laboratory, University of Toulouse, France, aiming at modelling transient thermal and electrical phenomena occurring in HVDC energy transmission links, especially as concerns cable accessories.


  • to gather actors from academic, governmental and private sector in the field of electrical energy, as e.g. with the transmission and distribution of energy, the green energy production and its integration to the network, etc;
  • to evaluate to what extent HVDC transmission represents key advantages for energy networks in Vietnam and at the interface with neighboring countries;
  • to identify relevant case study of HVDC links and cable systems in terms of voltage, ampacity, that would be worth investigating the future;
  • to evaluate opportunities for strengthening and broadening the actions regarding manpower (e.g. with PhD), partnership and activities (training + research).

Besides these objectives, the issues with HVDC insulated cables will be exposed.

Program (under construction)